Keep an eye on this page for great deals and offers designed with the YBIG'ER in mind.

Scroll down to find superb deals for groups of friends who decide to come and join us for the Euros or Champions/Europa League games.  Anyone who buys a VIP Deal can also purchase a YBIG Jersey for €15 to be collected and paid for on the night of the game.  Please be aware that there are very special deals for these VIP Tables in April before prices go up as demand increases.

We are also working on a special celebratory deal for the Farewell Game on the 27th.  We were thinking of a deal where you get 20 pints for 5/6 lads for a certain price - ie €70 - when you arrive we give you the 20 tokens and you use as and when you want before or after the game.

Anyway for the moment enjoy the offers below and remember we have great fundraising systems if anyone is looking for some help.


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New The Slattery's Work-End

Product no.: WORKEND100

A VIP Table from on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday 

Call your friends and arrange a table for the Work-End

from 75.00 / Package(s)
100.00 €
You save 25.00 €
In stock

Ireland Vs Georgia

Product no.: GeoVsIre

VIP Table including €100 Bar Tab, from €65.

Get a Screen-side table and a €100 Bar Tab for you and your mates for the world cup qualifier. Prices start at €65.


Available from 29/08/2017 until 29/08/2017